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Use of Infrared Sauna for Weight Loss

Infrared Sauna for Weight Loss

Achieving weight loss typically involves a significant lifestyle change. However, a new approach claims to make it possible in just 30-45 sessions. People test multiple methods to lose weight, but the infrared sauna technique has become the talk of the town.

Use of Infrared Sauna for Female Fertility

Female Fertility

With the advancing technology, new ways are being discovered to control or alter natural processes, and enhancing fertility in females is just one of them. An infrared sauna is one of the top methods to improve the ability to conceive.

5 Ways To Prepare Your Liver For The Spring

Is your liver ready for a spring cleaning? In chinese medicine, each season corresponds to an organ in the body and an emotion. The spring season corresponds to the liver and the emotion is anger!

Acupuncture For Endometriosis

Acupuncture For Endometriosis

Emerging research suggests that Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine (CHM) may be helpful in decreasing endometriosis related symptoms. I have seen this first-hand in my office.

Acupuncture For Anxiety And Depression

Acupuncture For Anxiety And Depression

Anxiety and depression are two common mental health disorders. Acupuncture is an amazing treatment strategy that does not involve long term dependence on pharmaceutical medication.