100% natural medicine supporting your health through all stages of life

About Dr. Lisa Mascall Acupuncture Hackensack NJ

100% natural medicine supporting your health through all stages of life

Fertility & Pregnancy Support

Women’s Health

Chronic Pain Management

Treating Women, Men, and Children With

Reproductive health

Chronic Health Issues

Unrelenting Pain

Undiagnosed Illnesses

Our process does not involve pharmaceuticals, hormones, or invasive surgical procedures.

Our combination of gentle acupuncture, herbal medicine, and targeted supplements is designed to bring your body back into balance.

You are in the right place


I’m passionate about helping people take responsibility for their own health.

During the years I worked as a physical therapist in the US Army, and in outpatient pain clinics, I  grew dissatisfied that western medicine was not treating the whole body.

My experience helps me merge everything I know from modern western medicine with ancient Eastern traditional medicine and philosophies.

I specialize in creating customized treatment programs focused on treating the whole person, mind, body, and spirit, and returning the body to its’ natural state of health.

3 Steps to Achieving Your Health Goals

Step #1

Have an initial consultation, where we listen to your concerns, and take a comprehensive look at your medical history from a holistic medicine perspective. This helps us get to the root of your problems, from the 1st day.

Step #2

We make a comprehensive plan that includes your goals and what you hope to accomplish during our time together.

Step #3

We implement our treatment plan, using acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, supplemental therapy, etc. until all goals are met.


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