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3 Surprising Benefits Of Fertility Acupuncture

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3 Surprising Benefits Of Fertility Acupuncture

For couples who are trying to conceive, acupuncture can be a viable and effective treatment option. It can be used as a sole treatment, if you prefer the natural approach.. OR it can be used in conjunction with IUI/IVF treatments. Fertility acupuncture is a specific type of acupuncture that is designed to improve the overall health of the reproductive system and support the natural cycling of hormones through a woman’s body. These hormones are powerful buggers! Any woman can tell you how terrible it feels to have hormones that are not functioning optimally. We’re here to correct all that. So listen up!

Fertility acupuncture involves the use of thin needles that are inserted into points on the body that correspond with the nervous system. The goal of fertility acupuncture is to help the patient to achieve a higher level of balance, improved overall health and ultimately get pregnant. Fertility acupuncture is based on the belief that certain points on the body are connected to the internal organs through the nervous system. Everyday life, stress, our diets can cause blockages and bottlenecks in the way the nervous system communicates with our organs. Inserting super thin needles into these areas can free up these bottlenecks, allowing free, unimpeded blood to flow. It’s not more complicated than that!

I want to discuss some things you didn’t know about fertility acupuncture, but quickly..


  1. Fertility Acupuncture supports the reproductive system by gently dilating blood vessels and sending oxygenated blood to the ovaries, uterus, cervix, and fallopian tubes.
  2. Acupuncture in general induces relaxation. You know that tension that sometimes can keeps your shoulders up by your ears? It will be gone. So will the generalized irritability and frustration that has become such a normal part of our lives.
  3. Fertility acupuncture can help men as well, not just women. ALLLLL the focus is usually on the woman, but statistics show that nearly 40% of infertility is from the male.

These are the basics.


  • We are here for so much more than the reproductive system. This is really what sets us apart. This is holistic medicine. We treat the WHOLE. That means part of our intake is concerned about things like your quality and quantity of sleep; your level of stress; your support system; YOUR DIET among other things.
  • In Chinese medicine, the digestive system and the reproductive system are so deeply intertwined. This is something your OBGYN likely won’t know. There are often digestive issues that hide behind infertility. Some examples of this from our clinic include: blocked fallopian tubes, PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome)/ovarian cysts, fibroids, endometriosis, and uterine polyps. Yes, these are all related to a poorly functioning digestive system and are often overlooked by other practitioners as possible causes of infertility.
  • Lastly, we focus on your menstrual cycle as a way of measuring progress. A normal, balanced menstrual cycle should be 28 days with 5 days of bleeding. Bleeding should be PAINLESS, red, fresh, without clots. There should be obvious egg white cervical mucus between days 10-14. Ovulation should happen at day 14. After ovulation there should be at least 12 days before the start of the next bleed, if not pregnant. Anything that is significantly different from this is addressed and normalized with fertility acupuncture and herbal medicine.

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