Improve AMH

We have had so many requests for virtual consultation due to Covid-19 shutdowns, we are finally making it happen with our remote treatment programs. Through this portal, we can provide health coaching and herbal medicine to support to those suffering with male/female infertility, PCOS, insomnia, fibromyalgia, and many other chronic health issues.

Your appointment is over the phone, so you can remain safe in the comfort of your home. Our herbalists are Drs. of Chinese Medicine and NCCAOM Board Certified and Licensed in Herbal Medicine.

We offer our FREE consultation first. If you would like to do that, you can request your appointment here.  Below, you can read more about how we run the program, and during your FREE consultation, you can ask questions specific to you.

How it works..

FREE Consultation

During your FREE phone consultation, we do a brief history and assessment, based on holistic Chinese Medicine principles and answer any questions you may have.

Initial Assessment

Our Initial Consultation is a detailed deep dive into your medical history. This appointment is where we start to understand what is your underlying diagnosis according to Chinese Medicine.  This will be different for the diagnosis you have received from your western medical practitioner. Our goal is to get to the root cause of your problems.


Your treatment plan is set after you initial consultation appointment.  At this time, we have a good idea of what underlying diagnosis may be at the root of your health issues. Your treatment plan may include multiple dietary changes, lifestyle changes, mind-body medicine, and most importantly a targeted supplement plan and Chinese herbal medicine.

OnGoing Maintanence

After your initial consultation, we schedule 3-5 follow-up appointments, based on your needs. Often there are changes to the treatment plan as your medical condition begins to show improvement.

Our Services Consist of:

Natural Herbal Medicine

Natural herbal medicine

Nutritional Supplements (1)

Targeted nutritional supplements

Mind and Body

Mind-body medicine

It's our mission is to help you be an active participant in your own care and to support YOUR goals throughout the assessment, treatment, and maintanence phase.  This will be unlike any treatment plan you have experienced in the past. We believe that's why our clients see lasting results, not just short-term 'band-aid' fix.


Why do an online consultation?

Online consultations are available to those needing health coaching from a holistic, natural perspective.  Our board certified herbalists curate custom formulation of herbs for the purpose of helping you reach your healthcare goals.

Is chinese herbs compatible with my other treatments or other medications?

Absolutely. We are working on a daily basis with other local Drs. to achieve an integrative approach to the healthcare needs of our community. There are very few pharmaceutical medications that are incompatible with Chinese herbs, but this is discussed in greater detail during phone consultations.

How long are treatment plans or phone consultations?

This is highly individual as we give each person what they need, sometimes that means 15 minutes, sometimes it is 1 hour.

How do I get started?

Get started here, but filling out our FREE consultation request form. We will get back to you with a date and time for us to meet over the phone and chat about your health concerns. The best way for us to ensure success in our program is to make sure you are a good fit, and that's what this appointment is for. This is also when you can ask questions you may have about the program.


Dr. Lisa made me a believer. I sought treatment for sciatica that I’ve had for years. She used acupuncture and cupping together to help me walk again. She’s a true healer, with excellent bedside manner. She was never distracted and asked me all the right questions. Overall, she provided a great healing experience - an invaluable thing indeed. Thank you for everything.



Dr. Lisa was very knowledgeable, gentle, and her bedside manner is one of a kind. I saw her for chronic pain and anxiety due to the pandemic. After my first session, I felt instant relief. I'm definitely going back.



I have been suffering from Chronic Pain and Neuropathy in my feet and left hand for over 14 years. The prescribed medications stopped working and I was able to taper off completely two years ago. 3 weeks ago Dr. Lisa started treating me and found a combination treatment plan for me using Acupuncture and Moxa that has made me pain free for the first time since 2006. I can't express how much it has changed my life! Thank you, Dr. Lisa!