proven, effective, natural treatment for Metabolic Syndrome

We have helped so many men & women balance their hormones, blood sugars, blood pressure  with a proven approach that is safe, gentle, and does not involve hormonal medication or super-restrictive dieting.

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Proven, Effective natural treatment for Metabolic Syndrome

We have helped so many women balance their hormones and restore their cycles with a proven approach that is safe, gentle, and does not involve hormonal medication or super-restrictive dieting.

 Metabolic Syndrome Symptoms:

Insulin Resistance


High Cholesterol

Abdominal Weight gain


Type 2 diabetes

Our Services Include:


Gentle Acupuncture

Natural Herbal Medicine

Natural herbal medicine

Nutritional Supplements (1)

Targeted nutritional supplements

Mind and Body

Mind-body medicine

Why do our natural treatments work so well?

Our process involves getting to the REASON/the ROOT cause of your symptoms and syndromes. We are not interested in putting a bandage over anything.

We find the root, fix it, and watch symptoms clear up on their own.

Our process helps to awaken and boost our bodies ability to heal itself. We do this without harsh medications that force.

Sometimes our bodies just need a gentle reminder, and that is where holistic medicines step in and support.

We use an all-natural approach that your Dr. does not know about.  No matter what you may have been told in the past, there ARE options.

Conventional medicine is not the only way. Diets and pharmaceutical medications are not the only way to recover from this condition.

3 Steps to Take Charge of Your Own Health

Step #1

At your FREE initial consultation, we listen to your concerns, and take a comprehensive look at your medical history from a holistic medicine perspective. This helps us get to the root of your problem, from the 1st day.

Step #2

We make a comprehensive plan that includes addressing whatever YOUR root cause for developing metabolic syndrome is.

Step #3

We implement our treatment plan, using acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, supplemental therapy or whatever combination is appropriate for you.

Will this help me lose weight?

We have definitely helped our patients lose weight and gain better control over food cravings and stress eating. It is not a magical pill, though. We find the patients who are most engaged in treatment get the best results.

Can medicine that is natural really do anything to help control blood sugar?

Absolutely. We are seeing the results of this everyday in clinic. When patient's follow our advise and come for regular appointments, results can be incredible. We are talking about  a significant decrease in physical symptoms, weight loss, stabilized blood sugars, decreased blood pressure and cholesterol, and significantly reduced need for meds.

Does this process include some kind of super restrictive, impossible-to-follow diet?

Absolutely not. Eating a well-balanced diet is part of any healthy lifestyle. It is an important part of maintaining health and longevity, however, diets that are very restrictive don't support our philosophy. Instead, we find  gentle diet modifications that are appropriate for each person individually. This is always a part of each of our treatment plans.