Proven, Effective & Natural Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture

Improve fine lines, sagging skin, facial scarring, and facial asymmetry, without botox and without fillers!

Cosmetic Acupuncture

Proven, Effective & Natural Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture

Improve fine lines, sagging skin, facial scarring, acne, and facial asymmetry, all without botox or fillers!

Do you have any of these issues with your face?

Acne, eczema, rosacea, psoriasis

any kind of facial scar

trigeminal neuralgia or any kind of facial pain

Bell's Palsy

loss of collagen/sagging skin

trigeminal neuralgia

Post-stroke facial asymmetry

crow's feet

dark circle & eye bags

Our Services Include:


Gentle Acupuncture

Natural Herbal Medicine

Natural herbal medicine

Nutritional Supplements (1)

Targeted nutritional supplements

Mind and Body

Mind-body medicine

Why do our natural treatments work so well?

Our process involves getting to the REASON/the ROOT cause of your condition. We are not interested in putting a bandage over anything.

We find the root, fix it, and watch symptoms clear up on their own.

Our process helps to awaken and boost our bodies ability to heal itself. We do this without harsh medications that force.

Sometimes our bodies just need a gentle reminder, and that is where holistic medicines step in and offer much needed support.

We use an all-natural approach that your Dr. does not know about.  No matter what you may have been told in the past, there ARE options.

Conventional medicine is not the only way. Diets and pharmaceutical medications are not the only way to recover and improve your quality of life.

3 Steps to Take Charge of Your Own Health

Step #1

At your FREE initial consultation, we listen to your concerns, and take a comprehensive look at your medical history from a holistic medicine perspective. This helps us get to the root of your problem, from the 1st day.

Step #2

We make a comprehensive plan that includes addressing whatever YOUR root cause for developing your problem. Finding the root cause and treating it also helps to ensure this is not a problem in the future.

Step #3

We implement our treatment plan, using acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, supplemental therapy or whatever combination is appropriate for you.

What if I've already had botox or other injections?

Doing cosmetic acupuncture & Botox can actually work together. Most patients say cosmetic acupuncture keeps the botox effective for a longer period of time.

Can medicine that is natural really do anything to help my face & skin?

Absolutely. We are seeing the results of this everyday in clinic. When patient's follow our advise and come for regular appointments, results can be incredible. We are talking about  a significant decrease in physical symptoms, a return of normal symmetry, reduced scars less or no facial pain, facial numbness, eye bags, dark circles, acne, and more..

Why should I get cosmetic acupuncture over other cosmetic procedures?

Great question! First and foremost there is significant less risk involved in cosmetic acupuncture then in any other cosmetic procedure.  There is also no recovery time. The procedure is natural and super relaxing. As an added bonus, will reduce stress anxiety, and improve sleep !!